housing demo Kill the Housing Bill march  January 30th

Start from Imperial War Museum 12pm ( SE1 6HZ) march to Downing Street for 2pm


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Why I’m marching on January 30th…….

“The Housing Bill does not solve any of the housing issues. On Cressingham Gardens residents are being threatened by the council with the demolition of their homes and community against their wishes. This bill does nothing to stop rogue local authorities like Lambeth becoming for-profit property developers building homes mostly for the wealthiest in society and driving up local housing costs even further regardless of tenure”

Gerlinde (Cressingham Gardens)

The Housing Bill is consolidating and accelerating longstanding negative tendencies in the housing market and planning system. Many people have not yet had a chance to catch up with the tremendous impact and the pernicious nature of this bill which has been pushed through without adequate public debate in either parliament or the media. The march on 30 January will raise public awareness and media profile of the issues concerned and highlight the fact that there is an active opposition to the Housing Bill out there.

Andrea Hofling (Vauxhall resident)

It’s one week to go to the March Against the Housing Bill. The Tory’s cuts to social housing will devastate lives and communities across London and the UK. Many of us are doing what we can to stop it and prevent it from turning our society into a cold cut-throat world where homes are guaranteed only for the rich and the fortunate. UCL Cut the Rent is fighting to assert that housing is a right not a privilege by pushing our local landlord (UCL) to make rent affordable and several of us will be joining the march.
Hope you can come too!

UCL, Cut the Rent (The campaign for lower rent in UCL student halls)


The Housing Bill threatens the entire future of social housing in Britain and if implemented could sentence millions of households to a lifetime of insecurity and worry. A secure tenancy in a genuinely affordable home is the foundation of a secure life. Yet this is being torn away by a government that has no mandate for its disastrous, damaging policies, having won the support of only 24% of eligible voters. It will do nothing to bring down sky-high private rents, but deliver even more Britons into the hands of private landlords who aren’t even to be required to provide homes fit for human habitation, let alone the warm, comfortable, affordable-to-heat homes that are needed to eliminate fuel poverty.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

“Lambeth UNISON has fought long and hard against the privatisation and cuts to council and social housing and recently welcomed the ALMO Lambeth Living going back in house after a long campaign. The Housing Bill is the potentially biggest danger to social and council housing there has ever been. If implemented it will lead to a decimation of social housing which is the bed rock of the welfare state. We congratulate Lambeth Housing Activists, UNITE community branch and other campaigning groups that have done such a great job in raising this issue. We support everyone attending the march on 30 January and will be there with our branch banner. This bill has a huge amount of opposition to it and can be defeated.”

Dan Jeffery UNISON Vice Chair (personal capacity)

Wake up Londoners. The bricks and mortar of our communities are being sold from around us. The Housing and Planning Bill sounds the death knell for council estates and housing association homes in London. Let this go through and in a few years ordinary Londoners will have all been forced out, and living in the capital will be a privilege only the super-rich and wealthy can afford

Green candidate for the London Assembly Rashid Nix

It deepens and cements social inequality by ensuring that only the mega rich live in London. It’s economic segregation. Pay to stay is akin to pay to live. When people’s livelihoods and social support depends on their communities.

A Lambeth resident from Westbury estate

The Housing and Planning Bill is an attack on the very poorest people by the very richest – let’s support the march and other actions against this injustice.

Steve Hack council tenant on Myatts Field development

The Lambeth Labour Group of Councillors fully opposes the Tory Government’s Housing and Planning Bill…… None of your Labour representatives want to see this kind of social division  and will continue to campaign and act to stop it – Where we can act to limit the impact on residents we will do so.

I will also ensure that details of your march are circulated amongst the Labour Group Members and further within the Labour movement.  See full statement here: http://housingactivists.co.uk/newsletters/statement-from-lib-peck-on-the-housing-bill/

 Lib Peck,  Leader of Lambeth Council and Lambeth Labour Group

I am opposed to this Housing Bill because when the ‘right to buy’ was introduced it had a fundamental flaw in that it did not allow for the proceeds of those sales to be reinvested back into new council properties. This new Housing Bill will do the same it will force the sale of high value social homes and any money raised will not be invested back into new housing stock and will be used to fund more right to buy schemes. In essence this act will decrease low cost homes and make our current housing crisis even worse. The only people who will benefit are the property developers.

Nicola Central Hill

The Housing and Planning Bill will open planning to privatisation, offering developers and their backers a feeding frenzy on our land and communities. What is left of our democratic scrutiny is under threat and we face wave after wave of social upheaval. Kill the Housing Bill – Homes for All!
 Save Earl’s Court Supporters Club


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Paul Watt on the Housing Crisis..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyYYjXQa1Vs&feature=youtu.be&noredirect=1