Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • Ahmed – another example of housing failures in Lambeth

    Lambeth housing activists have been running campaign stalls outside the housing office in Lambeth every morning for the last week and every morning we have met people with housing horror stories like Clavia Chambers. This morning we met Ahmed. He has a court case pending on 12th September to evict him from his home so […]

  • Clavia’s case shows how anyone can become homeless…

    Does everyone deserve a home? For most of us it’s simple. Housing should be a basic right. Many people believe that the law follows the same morality and that if anyone is homeless the welfare state will step in – either to help with rent or to provide housing directly. So when people read about […]

  • Open letter to Chuka regarding Clavia

    To: Chuka Umunna – cc: Clavia XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX From: Lambeth Housing Activists –   16th August 2017   URGENT   Dear Chuka Umunna We, Lambeth Housing Activists, are writing on behalf of your constituent CLAVIA xxxxxx formerly of 64 xxxxxxx London, SW2 xxx, now homeless, who has had to turn to us for help […]

  • Small but important victory for Clavia – Please sign the petition

    Small but important victory for Clavia today. After a two hour occupation of lambeth councils housing office Lambeth Council finally agreed to provide her and her children with emergency accommodation for tonight. Clavia is determined to keep up the fight until her and her children are rehoused by Lambeth. Please sign the petition.   […]