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  • TMOs – A Gateway to Privatisation?

    Some council estates are managed by their residents through a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO). The residents elected to the board of a TMO are responsible for appointing the estate manager and other policy decisions – as well as all the budget for maintaining the properties in their area, sometimes millions of pounds. In principle this […]

  • Lambeth promises to build new council housing in Brixton

    Lambeth housing officers and Cabinet member for Housing and Regeneration Pete Robbins announced at a ‘community briefing’ last week that the Somerleyton Road site will not be sold off to developers as originally proposed but instead retained and developed by the council itself. The plan to build council housing on the site is a shift […]

  • A Chance for New Council Homes in Brixton

    The council is planning to allow 280 new homes on Somerleyton Road, between the Barrier Block (Southwyck House)/Moorlands estate and the railway line in Brixton. It looks like most of the housing will be at ridiculous prices that most local people can’t afford. But the final decision won’t be made until the start of next […]