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  • Tomorrows protest is cancelled! Marian has won!!!

    On the eve of this protest to shame Guinness they finally offered Marian a flat in the local area. This is an amazing victory which shows what a determined woman, community solidarity and protest action can achieve. Come along to ‘another Lambeth is possible conference on Saturday 28th to hear Marian and learn from campaigns […]

  • Another Lambeth is Possible – Update

    Some of the speakers….Loretta Lees, a leading expert on gentrification, Helen Hayes MP, Tom Chance Green Party spokesperson on housing, Hassina Malik from Lambeth Council Unison, Susan Mathews secretary Lambeth Trades Council, and many more will be joining past and current residents affected by regeneration, young people excluded from the benefits of ‘development’, small business owners, migrant […]

  • Geoff Dennis Funeral Details

    Geoff Dennis Funeral Details

    The funeral service for Geoff will take place on Wednesday 18th November 2015 at 2pm at Lambeth Crematorium, Blackshaw Road, Tooting, London, SW17 0BY Geoff’s  family have asked that as the service will be a celebration of Geoffreys life, that people consider not wearing black. Instead of flowers, donations may be made to Shelter. Geoff’s parents David […]

  • Obituary – Geoff Dennis

    Geoff,  who was a member of Lambeth Housing Activists, passed away suddenly last month. Suzie Robertson remembers him. I was very shocked and saddened to hear that Geoff Dennis passed away recently.  He was a truly lovely man. I’d met him a few times on protests, but got to know him a bit better when […]

  • A history of Guinness & the Loughborough Park estate

    People have been asking  for a rundown on the issues at Guinness estate in Loughborough Park… so it is a bit long but here it is…  The Loughborough park estate in Brixton was a 1930s estate of 390 social rented flats – until Guinness began their regeneration programme to demolish it and replace it with […]

  • Stop the eviction of disabled woman by Lambeth Council

    Eviction Resistance – Meet 11am on Wednesday 22nd April, Lillieshall Rd SW4 0LP. Lambeth Council intend evicting  co-op member Trace on Weds 22nd April at 11.40am. She’s been in her home for 35 years, she’s disabled, but Lambeth couldn’t care less. We’re trying to get the eviction suspended but if we can’t, then we’re going […]

  • Press Release

    Lambeth Housing Activists support #ReclaimBrixton – Lambeth Not For Sale As the Tories announce plans to sell another slice of our dwindling social housing stock , Lambeth Housing Activists are calling on people to support the #ReclaimBrixton  protest in Windrush Square on April 25th from 12 noon. The protest will celebrate our community, its diversity, […]

  • Protest at Guinness Housing Office Monday 20th April 8.30am

    NO EVICTIONS – WE WONT GO! Guinness are under pressure. They want all the AST tenants to leave but many of us are still refusing to go. Our campaign has so far successfully stopped them from using bailiffs, so they seem to have 2 tactics now: 1. They are pressuring ‘non-priority’ tenants (ie. single people […]


    If you haven’t already seen this on the Occupation blog. This was the last post about the Guinness Occupation.   A huge thank you to all who came out this morning in the cold to protest against the shameful treatment of the shorthold tenants by Guinness. Having stopped the eviction that was due to take […]