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  • Protesting against MIPIM London October 15-17

    Explaining MIPIM – video Calling on activists, trade unions, organisations,campaign groups and anyone angry at the failure of our government to address the housing crisis to come and help the radical housing network organise a protest at the world’s largest property fair.  Organising against MIPIM – MEETING  Tuesday 22 July, 7pm Nye Bevan Hall Community Centre, Aspen Gardens estate, Hammersmith […]

  • Cowley residents vote to stay with Lambeth Council

    At a meeting last night Cowley residents voted against any further action on stock transfer. A couple of weeks ago Lambeth Housing Activists called a meeting for Cowley residents to organise against plans by the management there to transfer the estate to a housing association. We leafleted the whole estate to warn people about the threat […]

  • Former Joy shop in Coldharbour Lane, Brixton is squatted

    It looks like a taste of old Brixton has returned with the news that squatters have taken over the old Joy fashion store in Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, almost opposite the Town Hall and turned it into a queer social centre. It’s opening on Wednesday 2nd. For more information, including how you can help, please visit the group’s website This story […]

  • Protest works – Esther to be rehoused!

    Just to let everyone know. Monday’s protest has been cancelled. Clapham Park Homes (Metropolitan) backed down. Esther Santos and family have been offered a choice of two flats back on Clapham Park Estate in Lambeth. Just goes to show that collective trouble making works!!


    Esther Santos and her family were evicted from Aspinall House on March10th by bailiffs employed by Clapham Park Homes, a section of the Metropolitan Housing Association.There was no cause for the eviction other than at some time in the future Aspinall House and the blocks next door will be demolished. Having been moved into a […]

  • UPDATED: Two appeals you can try – all affected tenants please read

    There are now TWO big ways to challenge a bedroom tax decision: 1) If you’ve been in housing benefit and the same property since 1996 2) If you’ve been using your ‘spare’ bedroom(s) for other purposes Please make sure you read through both of these. Template letters to appeal are at the bottom of the […]

  • Protest at GLA 26/2 -stop criminalisation of homeless

    The Met have announced plans to make ‘rough sleeping’ a crime in 6 London boroughs… Operation Encompass will be in effect in Camden, Islington, Lambeth, Southwark and Westminster, alongside Croydon…. We are opposed to this latest attack on Homeless people and will protest at City Hall to tell Boris Johnson and the GLA to call […]

  • Police in Lambeth targeting those who ‘commit rough sleeping’ !

    Homes not Jails   A combination of rising rents, benefit cuts and a lack of social housing has seen homelessness increase by 34% under this government.  So what has Boris done? Well he has cut grants for social housing and his police are now launching a clampdown on the homeless. We are through the looking […]

  • Lambeth Private Renters Getting Organised

    Lambeth Renters is a new group of people who rent from private landlords in Lambeth. We’re sick of high rents, bad housing and no security, and are linking up with similar groups around London to challenge these problems. We meet up once a month to share our experiences and make plans – our next meeting […]

  • Loophole in Bedroom Tax

    The government recently admitted there is a big loophole in the Bedroom Tax. Simply, if you have been living at the same address since 1996 AND have been on housing benefit all that time, you are not due to pay the Bedroom Tax! Better still, you are entitled to a return of any payments that […]