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  • Protest: Get SAVILLainS out of Lambeth!

    This Saturday July 30 11am at¬†Savills, ¬†99 Northcote Rd, London SW11 6PR Why we are protesting At national level, Savills ‘advised’ the government on drawing up the new Housing and Planning Act, and will serve to directly benefit from the further privatisation of housing provision that it enshrines. Locally…. well:     Brixton Buzz article: […]

  • Letter to the editor – We demand housing as a human right.

    Dear Editor Over the past year we have witnessed an unprecedented migration of men, women and children fleeing war, hunger & hopelessness. In a world of increasing economic, climatic and political instability people have been uprooted in their millions, in search of a safe home. And it is not just in the camps of Calais […]

  • The Great London Clearances by Joan Twelves

    The Tories want to clear the working class out of London. The people who built our city, who create its wealth, who turned it into one of the greatest cities in the world are to be evicted so that the Tories and their friends can turn it into a heartless, soulless ghetto for the rich […]