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  • Demonstration – Save Cressingham Gardens

    Reposted from Down Lambeth Way Cressingham Gardens Estate is a lovely place, leafy and green with warm, comfortable beautifully designed housing on a very human scale. A place that fosters community, and indeed, it is part of that post-war building of social housing whose architects believed in just that goal. There is a wonderful summary […]

  • Support Guinness Trust Tenants Facing Eviction

    Assured shorthold tenants (AST) in the Loughborough Park estate have been told to give up possession of their homes by November 16th. Guinness is demolishing the old estate and building new blocks many of which they intend to rent at full market rates – so they have no more need for the shorthold tenants on […]

  • Bad News from Carlton Mansions

    The Brixton Blog has just reported bad news from Carlton Mansions Residents of Carlton Mansions Housing Cooperative have received an eviction notice despite believing they were to have a ‘civilised handover’ with the council. The notice of eviction was received in late August and set the date for this Tuesday, September 30 at 9.50am … […]

  • Lib Peck out of MIPIM

    Campaigners call on Labour to boycott MPIM Property Developer Fair MIPIM Property Developers Fair at London Olympia, October 15-17th will be attended by property developers and speculators, estate agents, international investment bankers and politicians whose only purpose is to arrange deals to make a profit from the development of our homes and cities. Their concerns […]