Guiness Blockade this Tuesday

Reposted from the Guiness Occupation Blog


In recent times we have found the blockades to have been very successful, so we’re back at it again!

Shorthold Tenants, Camelot Renters, Secure Tenants, and Supporters! Let’s show Guinness that we’re still not happy with their conduct – not with their treatment of shorthold tenants , not with their usage of guardian companies and their exploitation of the guardians, not with their use of dog units for security, and not with their regeneration schemes that will price-out even some of the secure tenants!

Join at the entrance to the estate, SW9 8NN, at 8:30am, and bring your voices, your banners, and your stories. Let’s work together and keep the pressure up.

Please share widely, and hope to see you down there!

P.S. There may or may not be a march and an action happening after the blockade, let’s keep them guessing!