Photo call – Defend Social Housing

Photo call – Don’t Evict Martiza – Stop selling social housing in Lambeth!
Wednesday 5th March, 11am
22 Lillieshall Road, London SW4

With Maggi Hambling, Kate Hoey MP, Mark Thomas and Vivienne Westwood
All welcome – please come and show your support for social housing

(Note: There’s a “spin off” photo call at 10am on Wednesday. If people can make the 10am and 11am photo call at Lillieshall Road that would be great, but if you if you can’t make both, prioritise the 11am photo op)

On Wednesday 5th March Lambeth residents and campaigners, including designer and activist Vivienne Westwood, comedian and activist Mark Thomas, artist Maggi Hambling and Kate Hoey MP, will meet in Lillieshall Road, London SW4 to protest against Lambeth Council’s sale of long-standing housing co-operatives.

All those gathered for this photo op have pledged to defend residents of these housing co-ops against evictions, and have stated: “We will stand with housing co-op residents when they refuse to leave their home, if Lambeth go through with their threat to send bailiffs to evict them”

You can make this pledge too. If you’d like to do so please contact us

Can everyone please join us to show their support for Maritza and for the Lambeth United Housing Coop. It is really important we show how determined we are to campaign. We stopped the eviction of Jimmy Rogers from his housing coop due to public pressure, we can do the same for Maritza too.

More information on Martiza’s case is here