Protest – Social Housing Not Social Cleansing

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Protest – Social Housing not Social Cleansing
Wednesday 19th November, 6pm
Lambeth Town Hall

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Housing activists from across Lambeth are demanding the right to speak at the next Full Council Meeting and are calling for supporters to come and protest with them –

1. Cressingham Gardens residents are demanding the Council give them repairs not demolition;
2. Leigham Court residents want to stop the Council demolishing their award-winning sheltered housing;
3. Guinness Trust residents want the Council to support them against their Housing Association who is evicting them to build new flats (many of which will be sold or let at full market rate!);
4. Vauxhall residents want to oppose nine elms development that creates monstrous overpriced highrises with no social rented housing
5. Housing Co-op residents want to stop the Council evicting them (over £2million spent so far on legal fees to get them out!)

This protest is for everyone who is fed up with the way Lambeth Council’s housing policies support the gentrification and ‘social cleansing’ of our borough.