The Social Cleansing of Clapham

photo 1

Number 13 Lillieshall Road was recently a housing coop. Lambeth Council have now evicted the coop members and sold it on the open market. Their new owners have just submitted this planning application. Pay particular attention to the following clauses:

  • 4.1 No.13 Lillieshall is one of a number of properties that have just been released from the council register … These once modest artisans cottages are now resided in by wealthy individuals attracted by the excellent and exclusive location
  • 8.7 The building was originally a modest artisan residence, but now due to its excellent location, much more wealthy individuals are residing along the road. The proposed changes reflect the new status of the road whilst respecting what is a listed building.

So by destroying the housing coops Lambeth has paved the way for wholesale social cleansing.

Please contact us for more information on how you can join the campaign to stop this