Planning Meeting – Save Leigham Court Sheltered Housing

Leigham 2
UPDATE: The campaign now have their own website. Check it out here

Lambeth Council and Lambeth Living are planning to close the Leigham Court Sheltered Housing scheme. Senior residents have been informed that their homes will be demolished and the land sold off to pay for a mixture of extended care and private accommodation.

Leigham Court is one of the earliest purpose-built sheltered housing projects in the country, by award winning architect Kate Macintosh. Most Leigham Court residents are happy with the quality and standard of their accommodation and feel that the excuse that it would be too expensive to update the property is a sham. They think they should be left in the settled and peaceful community of Leigham Court where they enjoy a great community and security.

Leigham Court residents are appealing to anyone who cares about housing to help with their campaign. “If they take it from us it won’t be there for you”

More information on this campaign is in the Guardian

There’s a planning meeting this Saturday to discuss the next stages of the campaign

Planning Meeting – Save Leigham Court Sheltered Housing
Saturday 23rd August, 1pm
Leigham Court Sheltered Housing, 269 Leigham Court Road
All welcome