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  • Tomorrows protest is cancelled! Marian has won!!!

    On the eve of this protest to shame Guinness they finally offered Marian a flat in the local area. This is an amazing victory which shows what a determined woman, community solidarity and protest action can achieve. Come along to ‘another Lambeth is possible conference on Saturday 28th to hear Marian and learn from campaigns […]

  • Ola’s story: Another uncharitable act by social housing charity Guinness Trust

    Last Wednesday October 14, Ola defended his case to receive fair rehousing by the non-profit housing association, Guinness Trust, after being evicted solely for redevelopment purposes. Ultimately, the possession order of 13/4/15 against Ola was upheld. In addition to losing his home, he was charged £4,505.40 for losing the court case. The official presiding was […]

  • Minutes of October meeting

    Dorchester Court evictions Residents asked for support in their ongoing campaign to stop evictions. Updates to follow. In the meantime read the background and link to the petition to sign and share is here   Guinness Evictions Another longstanding AST tenant faces a court hearing next week as Guinness attempts to evict him. The protest […]

  • Support Marian

    Support Marian Friday 25th September, 1.30pm Lambeth County Court Cleaver St SE11 4DZ map                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Guinness Housing Association are taking Marian to court to get possession of her flat which she shares with her 2 children aged 4 and 8. Marian is one of the last AST tenants who has refused to leave to […]

  • Marian’s Story

    A desolate Guinness estate in Loughborough Park in Brixton seemingly comes to life in the evenings when just a few lights in the windows strive to brighten a dim landscape. Most of the tenants have already left. They have been rehoused by Guinness after the tenants campaign and occupation. Still not everybody was so lucky. […]

  • Picket the Council – More Social Housing for Loughborough Park

    At the last activists meeting we decided to picket the council planning meeting Protest – More Social Housing for Loughborough Park Picket the Planning Committee Tuesday 16 June 2015 6:30pm Lambeth Town Hall Let us know you’re coming on facebook Guinness have applied for planning permisson to knock down the remaining old blocks on the […]

  • Guinness Employ Security Violence And Destroy Their Own Flats

    Reposted from the Guinness Occupation site It’s been a little while since we posted an update on here. Things have been ticking along nicely, many different groups in the local area have been using the occupied space to hold their own meetings, and this has allowed us to forge greater bonds with groups in the […]

  • Guinness Occupation Continues

    The Occupation of a flat on the Guinness Estate is still ongoing and is getting attention. The Brixton Blog ran this piece last week. Please check out the occupation website for the latest news and details of how you can help

  • Guiness Blockade this Tuesday

    Reposted from the Guiness Occupation Blog In recent times we have found the blockades to have been very successful, so we’re back at it again! Shorthold Tenants, Camelot Renters, Secure Tenants, and Supporters! Let’s show Guinness that we’re still not happy with their conduct – not with their treatment of shorthold tenants , not with […]