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  • Lambeth eviction endangers life of 80-year-old housing co-op resident, Tony Healy

    report from Lambeth United Coop URGENT UPDATE An urgent update to the story of 81-year-old housing co-op resident Tony Healy, whose case is detailed below. The council are very aware of Tony Healy’s vulnerability and his state of mind and visited him on 2nd March 2016 with doctors and police trying to convince him to […]

  • Stop the eviction of disabled woman by Lambeth Council

    Eviction Resistance – Meet 11am on Wednesday 22nd April, Lillieshall Rd SW4 0LP. Lambeth Council intend evicting  co-op member Trace on Weds 22nd April at 11.40am. She’s been in her home for 35 years, she’s disabled, but Lambeth couldn’t care less. We’re trying to get the eviction suspended but if we can’t, then we’re going […]

  • Press Release

    Lambeth Housing Activists support #ReclaimBrixton – Lambeth Not For Sale As the Tories announce plans to sell another slice of our dwindling social housing stock , Lambeth Housing Activists are calling on people to support the #ReclaimBrixton  protest in Windrush Square on April 25th from 12 noon. The protest will celebrate our community, its diversity, […]


    If you haven’t already seen this on the Occupation blog. This was the last post about the Guinness Occupation.   A huge thank you to all who came out this morning in the cold to protest against the shameful treatment of the shorthold tenants by Guinness. Having stopped the eviction that was due to take […]

  • Latest Issue of Our Newsletter

    The latest issue of our newslette is out with a big article on Nine Elms and smaller articles on Housing Coops, Lambeth Renters and Leigham Court You can download a copy of our newsletter here We now need to get the newsletter distributed round Lambeth. If you can help out, please contact us, or come […]

  • Protest – Social Housing Not Social Cleansing

    Protest – Social Housing not Social Cleansing Wednesday 19th November, 6pm Lambeth Town Hall Let us know you’re coming on facebook Housing activists from across Lambeth are demanding the right to speak at the next Full Council Meeting and are calling for supporters to come and protest with them – 1. Cressingham Gardens residents are […]

  • Housing Coops in the South London Press

    Congratulations to the Lambeth United Housing Coop for getting this article in the midweek edition of the South London Press The article puts the cost of evictions at just over £1 million. The Lambeth United Housing Cooperative estimate the figure at nearer £1.7 million. This is part of a campaign of social cleansing of the […]

  • The Social Cleansing of Clapham

    Number 13 Lillieshall Road was recently a housing coop. Lambeth Council have now evicted the coop members and sold it on the open market. Their new owners have just submitted this planning application. Pay particular attention to the following clauses: 4.1 No.13 Lillieshall is one of a number of properties that have just been released […]

  • Bad News from Carlton Mansions

    The Brixton Blog has just reported bad news from Carlton Mansions Residents of Carlton Mansions Housing Cooperative have received an eviction notice despite believing they were to have a ‘civilised handover’ with the council. The notice of eviction was received in late August and set the date for this Tuesday, September 30 at 9.50am … […]

  • Support from Cllr Scott Ainslie

    Thanks the Cllr Scott Ainslie from Lambeth Green Party for mentioning both the campaign to Save Cressingham Gardens and the campaign to Save Lambeth’s Housing Coops in his column in this week’s Lambeth Weekender (Note: Lambeth Housing Activists welcomes all supporters regardless of their political affiliation. We’re grateful for Cllr Ainslie’s support but have supporters […]