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  • Stockwell Festival

    Lambeth Housing Activists are having a stall at the Stockwell Festival. Stall Saturday 13th September, 12noon – 6pm At the Stockwell Festival in Larkhall Park We’ll have petitions to save the Housing Coops, advice for private renters and our very own model house. We’re asking people to put stickers on it describing their ideal home. […]

  • Doon Mackichan supports the Housing Coops

    Actress Doon Mackichan has added her name to the list of Clapham residents concerned by Lambeth Council’s eviction of housing co-ops, a list that includes Mark Thomas, John Pilger, Vivienne Westwood, Maggi Hambling, Joanna Lumley, former Clapham councillor Helen O’Malley and the Reverend David Isherwood of Holy Trinity Church. Mackichan, a resident of the area […]

  • Lambeth is Selling Off Social Housing

    We’re trying to get a list of social housing properties Lambeth are selling, many of these were managed by housing co-ops A provisional list is in this spreadsheet You can see the houses sold in this presentation We know this list is incomplete. If you can help us update it please Contact Us

  • Improved Estate Agent Boards

    Some estate agent boards in Rozel Road and Lillieshall Road in Clapham were improved overnight, see pictures below This part of Clapham used to have many housing coops but Lambeth Council is dismantling them and evicting people who have lived there for decades. Please sign the petition against these evictions, then contact us for more […]

  • Housing Coops in the Brixton Bugle

    Congratulations to Julian Hall from the Lambeth United Housing Coop for getting this letter in this month’s Brixton Bugle Lambeth Housing Activists have been proud to support the housing coop in their campaign to stop selling social housing. Check here for what we’ve done in the past, and watch this space for our plans for […]

  • The Human Costs of Destroying Housing Cooperatives

    The human cost of Lambeth Council’s ‘shortlife’ housing co-op evictions, that have affected communities established for up to 40 years, has been felt in numerous ways. Stress, mental breakdown, and threatened bankruptcy are among the problems that the Labour council’s policy has caused to residents, many of whom are elderly and vulnerable. There are two […]

  • Letters in the South London Press

    Earlier this month the Lambeth United Housing Co-operative organised a photo call in defence of their housing co-ops. This event was extensively covered by last week’s local press and received some coverage in the national press too. We’ve now received several follow up letters in this week’s South London Press. Congratulations to the Lambeth United […]