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  • Protest – Social Housing Not Social Cleansing

    Protest – Social Housing not Social Cleansing Wednesday 19th November, 6pm Lambeth Town Hall Let us know you’re coming on facebook Housing activists from across Lambeth are demanding the right to speak at the next Full Council Meeting and are calling for supporters to come and protest with them – 1. Cressingham Gardens residents are […]

  • Guerilla Gardening – Save Leigham Court

    Reposted from Save Leigham Court Campaign Our [Leigham Court’s] garden needs tidying up for winter. Lambeth are supposed to be doing it, but haven’t done a good job. Volunteers for Lambeth Housing Activists will be coming on Saturday 22nd to help clear up our garden and show the council how public services should be run. […]

  • Cressingham Gardens in the Lambeth Weekender

    The Save Cressingham Gardens campaign features prominently in Cllr Scott Ainslie’s column in this week’s Lambeth Weekender (Note: Lambeth Housing Activists is not affiliated with any political party. We welcome Cllr Ainslie’s support, but we have supporters who are members of other political parties and most of our supporters are members of none)

  • Housing Coops in the South London Press

    Congratulations to the Lambeth United Housing Coop for getting this article in the midweek edition of the South London Press The article puts the cost of evictions at just over £1 million. The Lambeth United Housing Cooperative estimate the figure at nearer £1.7 million. This is part of a campaign of social cleansing of the […]