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  • Bad News from Carlton Mansions

    The Brixton Blog has just reported bad news from Carlton Mansions Residents of Carlton Mansions Housing Cooperative have received an eviction notice despite believing they were to have a ‘civilised handover’ with the council. The notice of eviction was received in late August and set the date for this Tuesday, September 30 at 9.50am … […]

  • Support from Cllr Scott Ainslie

    Thanks the Cllr Scott Ainslie from Lambeth Green Party for mentioning both the campaign to Save Cressingham Gardens and the campaign to Save Lambeth’s Housing Coops in his column in this week’s Lambeth Weekender (Note: Lambeth Housing Activists welcomes all supporters regardless of their political affiliation. We’re grateful for Cllr Ainslie’s support but have supporters […]

  • Stockwell Festival

    Lambeth Housing Activists are having a stall at the Stockwell Festival. Stall Saturday 13th September, 12noon – 6pm At the Stockwell Festival in Larkhall Park We’ll have petitions to save the Housing Coops, advice for private renters and our very own model house. We’re asking people to put stickers on it describing their ideal home. […]

  • Doon Mackichan supports the Housing Coops

    Actress Doon Mackichan has added her name to the list of Clapham residents concerned by Lambeth Council’s eviction of housing co-ops, a list that includes Mark Thomas, John Pilger, Vivienne Westwood, Maggi Hambling, Joanna Lumley, former Clapham councillor Helen O’Malley and the Reverend David Isherwood of Holy Trinity Church. Mackichan, a resident of the area […]