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  • Lambeth Private Renters Getting Organised

    Lambeth Renters is a new group of people who rent from private landlords in Lambeth. We’re sick of high rents, bad housing and no security, and are linking up with similar groups around London to challenge these problems. We meet up once a month to share our experiences and make plans – our next meeting […]

  • Loophole in Bedroom Tax

    Loophole in Bedroom Tax

    The government recently admitted there is a big loophole in the Bedroom Tax. Simply, if you have been living at the same address since 1996 AND have been on housing benefit all that time, you are not due to pay the Bedroom Tax! Better still, you are entitled to a return of any payments that […]

  • Build 100% Council Housing

    Somerleyton Rd was the first street in Brixton to house the Windrush generation. In the past it offered cheap accommodation. When most housing in Brixton is unaffordable for those on average wages it is important that housing on this site remains truly affordable for future generations. The council has made a welcome commitment to retain […]