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  • CRESSINGHAM a year after Grenfell

    Lambeth Council is still insisting that it wants to move ahead with the re- generation (demolition) of Cressingham Gardens Estate and is spending several million pounds to have architects do sur-veys of the land and a design for a new estate. Despite this there are still NO designs, NO planning permission AND NO permission from […]

  • SOUTH LAMBETH estate a year after Grenfell

    SOUTH LAMBETH Five blocks on South Lambeth Estate are being destroyed to make way for 192 market homes, as well as over 100 unaffordable rented or shared ownership homes.  In the process 13 social rented homes will be lost, though the remaining 51 social rented tenants will be rehoused on the estate – if they […]

  • WESTBURY a year after Grenfell

    Residents of Westbury knew fully well what Lambeth Council had decided to do to their homes long before it consulted them. There it is on the front of newsletters it was producing back in 2015: “Lambeth Council will be going ahead with regeneration. New homes will be built and some demolition will very likely happen.” […]

  • FENWICK a year after Grenfell

    After deciding to knock down Fenwick Estate and robbing tenants of their secure tenancies, Lambeth have announced a further delay of five years before they start demolition. But they still refuse to give residents a vote to decide what they actually want. Lambeth have managed the decline of Fenwick Estate for over 10 years. Now […]