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  • Clavia’s case shows how anyone can become homeless…

    Does everyone deserve a home? For most of us it’s simple. Housing should be a basic right. Many people believe that the law follows the same morality and that if anyone is homeless the welfare state will step in – either to help with rent or to provide housing directly. So when people read about […]

  • Lambeth Residents demand council action after Grenfell

    In the weeks since the terrible tragedy in Grenfell,  residents from across Lambeth, have held meetings to discuss  the actions needed immediately to ensure the safety of our homes. Grenfell, as many have observed, was not just an  ‘accident’.  It appears to be the result of ‘ the conscious cruelty’  of those who could and should […]

  • Green Party to propose Grenfell motion to Lambeth Council meeting

    The Green Party is proposing the following motion at the Council meeting on Wednesday 19th July.  Given the terrible and preventable disaster that occurred in Grenfell Tower, we are anxious that the Council should now recognise the importance of listening to the people who are most affected by its decisions and halt all housing regeneration plans […]