We Demand

I’ve given up protesting. Protesting is when you lost and don’t like how things are going. I’ve taken up demanding
Tony Benn

The government:

  • Keep Council homes in council ownership – no more stock transfers and end ‘right to buy’
  • Launch a massive council house building program
  • Abolish the Bedroom Tax and Benefit Cap
  • Introduce a private rent cap

Lambeth Council:

  • Stop giving away council land through ‘regeneration’ and ‘private finance’ deals – build new council housing instead. Actively oppose stock¬†transfers to housing associations.
  • Don’t evict any tenant with arrears caused by bedroom tax or benefit cuts.
  • Stop selling council properties and invest in refurbishing or converting empty council buildings for residential use.
  • Lift the benefit cap locally and introduce a local private rent cap.
  • Treat the tens of thousands of lambeth residents claiming benefits with respect and dignity.