Green Party to propose Grenfell motion to Lambeth Council meeting

The Green Party is proposing the following motion at the Council meeting on Wednesday 19th July.  Given the terrible and preventable disaster that occurred in Grenfell Tower, we are anxious that the Council should now recognise the importance of listening to the people who are most affected by its decisions and halt all housing regeneration plans until the lessons from Grenfell have been published.

Motion: Fire safety in Lambeth

This council sends condolences to everyone involved in the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower.

This Council notes –

  • Lambeth is home to a number of high rise towers
  • That many Lambeth residents will have watched the tragedy with alarm and concern
    That the council has taken swift action to assess fire safety across the borough

This Council resolves –

  • To make public all existing fire safety risk assessments of high rise towers in Lambeth
  • To reassure residents in Lambeth about fire safety and work with local residents to hear and address any concerns
  • To assist London level efforts to support the victims of the Grenfell Tower