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Rehouse Clavia

Please rehouse Clavia and her 2 young children . They were evicted by Lambeth council on August 9th from their Brixton home.

Why is this important?

Clavia Chambers is a 33 year old mother of two young children , aged 2 and 8 . She was evicted on August 9th from her home in Brixton at 10am . She had no one helping her but me and I had only met her the day before. Together we trudged through the pouring rain to Lambeth Housing offices , with as many of her possessions as we could carry. We arrived soaking wet at Olive Morris House , where Clavia pleaded for temporary emergency accommodation for herself and her two children . Can I say deaf ears ? Yes. The duty manager said plainly that she would not house this desperate and vulnerable family. Furthermore , if Clavia persisted in remaining in Olive Morris House ( the housing office for Lambeth council ) till she was housed then the police would be asked to remove her onto the street with her children.

Lambeth has a duty of care to this family and they are in denial of this fact , through claiming that she has made herself intentionally homeless due to rent arrears. An intentionally non transparent system of incredible complexity exists in Lambeth housing. Chaos and confusion is created resulting in so called shortfalls of rent occurring , hence the ‘arrears’ . A chronic shortage of well qualified lawyers willing and available to take on legal aid cases means she has been denied proper representation hence being evicted by the council. The solicitor she used did not attend the court to act on her behalf. She was , therefore, evicted.

I am asking every sane person out there with a heart to sign this petition and send a loud and clear message to Lib Peck , leader of Lambeth Council that this chronically inhumane treatment , throwing a family out onto the streets is entirely unacceptable and against basic human rights. Lambeth council has a duty of care to this vulnerable family however many times the housing office continues to deny this. Thankyou .