Who we are

We are activists involved in Tenants and Residents Associations, housing co-ops, private renters groups, homeless organisations, trade unions and other housing campaign groups. We’ve come together to organise action in response to the housing crisis. We believe having a decent home is a basic human need and a human right. Whether you live in private or council housing, are squatting, homeless or overcrowded, we need your help to ensure everyone has quality affordable housing.

We are a group that fights to win. Our recent campaign successes are:

  • We helped a family who was evicted from Clapham Park and rehoused on the other side of London, miles from their school and work. Metropolitain housing have now backed down and agreed to rehouse the family in Clapham
  • Lambeth Council threatened to evict Maritza from her housing coop at the start of 2014. We held protests and a celebrity photo call to support her case, and got on BBC Inside Out London. As a result of this Lambeth have not yet carried out the eviction order. We need your help to ensure they never do
  • Other local campaigns have stopped Jimmy Rogers being evicted from his housing coop and ensured Charmaine Lodge was not evicted until quality alternative accommodation was made available to her

But we know this isn’t enough, we need to do much more to ensure everyone has a secure and affordable home. Our current campaigns are:

  • We support Lambeth’s Housing Cooperatives threatened with eviction. The latest news is here, background is here
  • We support the Assured Shorthold Tenants of the Guinness Trust estate in their fight for rehousing. The latest news is here, background is here
  • We support the residents of Myatt’s Field in the campaign against a regeneration scheme that will see much less social housing. Latest news is here