Make Stockwell Skate Park an Asset of Community Value

Stockwell Skatepark
Reposted from the Friends of Stockwell Skatepark

Southbank Undercroft is now listed as an Asset of Community Value, Stockwell Skatepark should be too.

“Who can nominate?”

“The right to nominate a property is restricted to certain types of community group. The first test is to show a local connection. For properties in Lambeth that means the local authority area. You will need to be a constituted local community group – or if unconstituted be able to show at least 21 members registered to vote in Lambeth or a neighbouring borough.”
(see here)

Next step is to get 21 or more local registered names.

Our ‘constituted local community group’ needs a set name, and we need a form to photocopy with four fields – name/address(inc borough)/electoral register yes or no/contact phone and or email.

I’ve put a form on this blog already