March For Homes

Saturday’s March for Homes was big, so much bigger than we feared it might be, staring out the window at the morning’s snow and the sleet.

Really, we were marching to have the ability to have a window to stare out of.

Thousands walked from South London, meeting up with feeder marches from the East and the North at the Town Hall. Campaigners from Save Cressingham Gardens were collecting petition signatures and leafleting for support for tenants of the Guinness Trust

The march was cold, wet, but also happy. We took some smaller streets this time and it was good to walk through estates where people cheered us on.

The reporting has been good too: look at this from The Guardian, more from Brixton Buzz and writingcities, and some information on the occupation of Aylesbury Estate in Southwark, along with these wonderful pictures from our very own Matthew.