SOUTH LAMBETH estate a year after Grenfell


Five blocks on South Lambeth Estate are being destroyed to make way for 192 market homes, as well as over 100 unaffordable rented or shared ownership homes.  In the process 13 social rented homes will be lost, though the remaining 51 social rented tenants will be rehoused on the estate – if they can wait that long..

In total, when the redevelopment is complete there will be 361 new homes,  of which only 14% will be social rented. 63% will be for private market sale.  There will be 33 assured shorthold rented homes, with rents up to 65% market level,  and 48 ‘intermediate’ insecure rented homes, with rents up to 80% market levels. SO much for Council promises that their new development programme will create more low cost affordable social rented homes!

The Council is pretending (in the report of 22 May that asked for planning permission) that an additional 100 social rented homes will miraculously appear.  This is because they are counting the flats in the 11 storey Wimbourne House which are not being touched as a ‘gain’ in social housing! The true figures are these:

  Before After Difference
Social rent 64 51 -13
Affordable rent 0 34 34
Shared Ownership 0 20 20
Intermediate 0 48 48
Market 37* 229 192