A Resident’s Association for St Martin’s


UPDATE: St Martin’s estate now has a residents association. Check out their website here

Do you live on the St Martin’s estate (Gaywood Close, High Trees and Abbots Park)?

Are you:

  • Fed up with lifts not being cleaned
  • Fed up with repairs not being done
  • Fed up with anti social behaviour

If you act on your own Metropolitan Customer Service will continue to ignore you. But if we act together we may win.

This worked on Clapham Park Estate, it could work in St Martin’s too.

We’re setting up a residents association so we can campaign for our rights as residents collectively. Come to our inaugural meeting:

St Martin’s Residents Group
Tuesday 27th May, 7:30pm
St Martin’s Community Centre, Abbots Park

You can download a leaflet advertising the event here

(the meeting on 27th May is just for people who live on the St Martin’s estate, but if you live outside the estate you can still help. Join us on Wednesday 14th May, 7:30pm, outside the community centre on Abbots Park where we’re leafleting the estate to advertise this meeting. Or come to our next planning meeting and learn about the other campaigns and how you can get involved)