Vauxhall Labour GC agreed the following Grenfell motion at its meeting on 29 June

This CLP thanks Lambeth Council for their quick response to residents following the appalling Grenfell Tower

Tragedy. This CLP asks that Lambeth Council continue to keep local people and the CLP up to date. In addition this CLP will write to our MP and request that she lobbies for stronger fire regulations during the process of exiting the European Union.

 This CLP stands in solidarity with the Grenfell estate survivors. We salute the efforts of the emergency services and the dignity of the local community in the face of this man made tragedy.

We note that whatever the immediate causes of this disaster there are questions to be asked concerning the increased marketisation of council/social housing.

 We call on the Labour Party to:

·       Rapidly develop policies which roll back marketisation and reinstate council/social housing as a  priority to overcome the housing crisis.

·       To ensure council/social housing residents’ needs are placed at the centre of these policies and meaningful dialogue is developed.

·       Return to Direct Labour for local authority construction and maintenance services in all Labour controlled councils and campaign for its return across all local authorities.

·       Support full ballot rights to estate residents in any ongoing and future regeneration projects. The ballot will follow a comprehensive educational and consultative programme which fully involves  residents and their leaders in understanding the economic, social, and environmental consequences of any proposals.

·       Oppose the demolition of tower blocks without the clear consent of residents.

·       Oppose social cleansing under the guise of regeneration.