If you haven’t already seen this on the Occupation blog. This was the last post about the Guinness Occupation.


A huge thank you to all who came out this morning in the cold to protest against the shameful treatment of the shorthold tenants by Guinness.

Having stopped the eviction that was due to take place this morning and won the right of the AST tenants to apply for homes in London, we took the decision to end the occupation.

But the campaign to make sure these 44 familes are not evicted will continue – we can’t allow this social cleansing.

If Guinness get any further court orders to send bailiffs to evict anyone off the estate we will organise again to resist it.

Well done to all involved in the success of the campaign so far

* Latest update some families have now been offered secure tenancies inside London. We are continuing the pressure to make sure all ASTs are offered new homes and to try and win more social housing on the estate. Please sign and share the petition: https://www.change.org/p/simon-dow-stop-the-social-cleansing-of-brixton-stop-the-evictions-of-tenants-from-loughborough-park-estate