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Lambeth Housing Activists support #ReclaimBrixton – Lambeth Not For Sale

As the Tories announce plans to sell another slice of our dwindling social housing stock , Lambeth Housing Activists are calling on people to support the #ReclaimBrixton  protest in Windrush Square on April 25th from 12 noon.

The protest will celebrate our community, its diversity, culture, life and resistance. Our estates are being demolished, our social housing sold off and our services shut down. The poorest tenants and ethnic minority communities are first in the firing line as the property speculators drive up prices and drive us out.

The majority of us whether in social housing, private rental or wanting to buy a house are losing out as the property speculators and private landlords make massive profits underwritten by the tax payer.

Now a grand coalition of housing campaigners in the borough have come together with small shops being priced out of Brixton Arches, and trade unions and residents trying to defend libraries and other local services, to create an anti-gentrification movement to Reclaim Brixton.

Estates where tenants are under threat, or dealing with the fall out, from ‘regeneration’ are meeting to go to the protest at the following assembly points:

  • 11am at the Guinness estate in Loughborough Park where dozens of families are threatened with imminent eviction to make way for new build flats which none of them could ever afford to buy.
  • 11am from Cressingham Gardens
  • 11.30 Myatts Field North Community Centre
  • 11.30 Loughborough Centre (anti-road closure protesters)
  • There will also be tenants from Dorchester Court, Leigham Court Sheltered Housing, Central Hill estate, private renters groups and other local campaign groups organising delegations to Windrush square.

For full background and up to date info keep an eye on the facebook event, on twitter and on our website

Reclaim Brixton Event –



Helen Mc Donald, Guinness Trust:

“I have been living at the Guinness Trust in a one bedroom flat for 11years in Brixton London. I have worked as a Storyteller workshop leader and musician with the community in Brixton at the BCA Effra nursery Guinness trust ,Brixton Library, and  in many Lambeth schools. I have sang and performed all over Brixton in the area. Ritzy POW Academy O2 The Lounge Hootanany and many places that now have changed their name or been regenerated.. Mango Landing The Grosvenor RIP ..

I am an AsT so I have an assured short hold tenancy, so my rights are limited in the eyes of the housing association and their changing status as a partnership and it’s changing status of giving affordable social housing to people in need like myself, Guinness trust will demolish my home and build new houses to sell.

It has broken my heart to see how we have been treated and Lambeth doesn’t seem to have any duty of care anymore to house people on affordable housing, I have my bidding number but my Band is D and as the Lambeth council I quote “But do not expect to receive the offer of a property soon . Many will never get an offer”.

We now have to fend for ourselves in the open private market, but Foxton and the like are not going to give me a self-employed musician and storyteller who does not earn really enough to meet the high rental cost.

Change is always inevitable but the way they are breaking and tearing up the community dividing us throwing many of us out of the area, demolishing our homes, giving no offers or bedsits outside of the area (that is my case ), Many have been given no offer, or offers in Milton Keynes or way outside the area.

I want to stand and shout and help to Reclaim Brixton and stop this selfish regeneration. I will be there on the 25th April WindRush Square protesting fighting for those that still are trying to fight and stay in Brixton and fight this Injustice that’s upon the Brixton community.  They are slowly but surely upon the community ‘Social Cleansing’. Time is running out we must all stand together. “


Suzie, Lambeth United Housing Co-op

“Lambeth Council have issued an eviction notice for co-op resident Trace on Weds 22nd April at 11.40am. She’s been in her home for 35 years, she’s disabled, but Lambeth couldn’t care less. We’re trying to get the eviction suspended but if we can’t, then we’re going to resist!”
Bring friends and a loud voice – Stop Lambeth Evicting Housing Co-ops, Stop Lambeth Selling Our Homes! Meet 11am on Wednesday 22nd April, Lillieshall Rd SW4 0LP.
Watch out for updates in case we manage to get it suspended: @LUHousingCoop


Tom South London Renters:

“The gentrification of Brixton, a process led by capital and supported by a servile council has seen huge rent increases forcing ordinary people to choose between living in unsuitable, even dangerous accommodation or leaving the area. At the same time landlords and property developers have made huge profits from our basic need for shelter.”

Pam, Cressingham Gardens:

“The Brixton gentrification process already has the south SW2 postcode firmly in its grasp. The proposed re-development of Cressingham Gardens, an estate on prime land beside Brockwell Park, is threatening to force yet more ordinary people from their homes. “


If you want more quotes from any of the other campaigns involved please call 07834 828292 or email