Protesting against MIPIM London October 15-17

Explaining MIPIM – video

Calling on activists, trade unions, organisations,campaign groups and anyone angry at the failure of our government to address the housing crisis to come and help the radical housing network organise a protest at the world’s largest property fair.

 Organising against MIPIM – MEETING  Tuesday 22 July, 7pm

Nye Bevan Hall Community Centre, Aspen Gardens estate, Hammersmith W6 9JD (nearest tube: Hammersmith/Ravenscourt Park)


 It stands for ‘Marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier’. It is French because it usually takes place in the playground of the rich, Cannes, France. MIPIM proudly describes itself the world’s largest property fair. It attracts around 20,000 bankers, investors, property developers, estate agents, landlords & politicians each year. They meet to buy and sell our cities. This year will see the first MIPIM UK and these parasites will all be in London looking to make their millions out of our land and homes.

Why will we be protesting?

 The UK is in the midst of a massive housing crisis. House prices are rocketing, private rents keep rising (in some parts of London by 12% last year) and those who already have mortgages live in fear of when interest rates start going up againHomelessness has increased for three consecutive years, partly because of housing shortages and cuts to benefits, with an estimated 185,000 people a year now affected in England.

 None of this is inevitable; much of it is a result of political decisions. Successive governments have chosen to give billions of our money to the bankers who have invested in property and driven prices up. This government has poured over 50 billion into the pockets of private landlords through housing benefit, ‘help to buy’, and loans to underwrite future risks of landlords building housing. At the same time they cut benefits and introduced the bedroom tax.  These are all political decision that have fuelled the housing crisis.

 There are alternatives. They could invest these billions into affordable housing, introduce private rent caps, scrap the bedroom tax and introduce a property tax to stop the rich hoarding houses.

 So we are going to their conference to say our cities are not for sale. We are going to demand housing solutions that benefit everyone not the rich elite; to say stop social cleansing our neighbourhoods; these are our homes and our land.