Pop Up Assembly

Borrowing from the gentrification dictionary, Reclaim Brixton is organising monthly pop-up assemblies for, with and by the local community.

The next assembly is
Saturday 25th July, 12noon – 3pm
Windrush Square, Brixton

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Street assemblies were recently used very successfully in Spain, where they helped create a sense of awareness and togetherness in the communities that were & still are most suffering the consequences of austerity. Starting only with a couple of people, they grew in size and got more organised, to the point when in May this year, coalitions made up of social movements ended up winning local elections in key cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza.

Brixton has had a long history of resistance & struggle, and as its core is being attacked on all fronts (housing, local business, community spaces & services…), street assemblies are a good opportunity to share experience and build hope.

The principle of a street assembly or ‘circle’ is simple: governed by a few ground rules decided by the group, people engage in a dialogue about a chosen social issue affecting them, with the aim to find common ground and ideas for action. Sharing experience and stories is cathartic and makes us realise there is more that unites us than divides us. Once we realise together we are stronger, we can unleash our creativity not only to fight back, but also to drive effective change and establish a new public framework where we can live in peace and thrive.