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  • Lambeth is Selling Off Social Housing

    We’re trying to get a list of social housing properties Lambeth are selling, many of these were managed by housing co-ops A provisional list is in this spreadsheet You can see the houses sold in this presentation We know this list is incomplete. If you can help us update it please Contact Us

  • Sympathetic coverage in the Daily Mail!

    The Daily Mail is supporting a progessive campaign! The paper did a piece of Vivienne Westwood recently that included a prominent picture of the photo call to save Lambeth’s Housing Co-ops. You can see the article here The photo call was also mentioned briefly by the Telegraph and the Express. These reports were rather “fluffy” […]

  • Photo call – Defend Social Housing

    Photo call – Don’t Evict Martiza – Stop selling social housing in Lambeth! Wednesday 5th March, 11am 22 Lillieshall Road, London SW4 With Maggi Hambling, Kate Hoey MP, Mark Thomas and Vivienne Westwood All welcome – please come and show your support for social housing (Note: There’s a “spin off” photo call at 10am on […]